Founder and owner:
Ratomir Tomić, Aleksandar Tomić i Aleksandra Mihajlović

Business data

2022 2019 2016 2011
Full time employees 39 30 28 26
Turnover (EUR) 3,3 mil 1,8 mil 2,1, mil 2,4 mil
Export (EUR) 2,7 mil 1,5 mil 1,8 mil 1,4 mil

Dried plums, Chocolate-covered dried plums, Dried cherries


The company’s policy is not to single out customers.

ECOSYSTEM OF SUCCESS (key partners contributing to company success):

Most of our partners have been with us for many years, and we grow and develop our companies together. The list is extensive, and we don’t want to highlight anyone in particular.

Do you have trouble finding adequate employees?

YES. When the company was founded, it mainly relied on the local workforce, but over time, it has outgrown those limits, and we increasingly face challenges in finding suitable employees.

How do you find good and suitable employees?

For now, we find employees at the local level and among our existing staff, but we are aware that in the future, we will have to import labor.

How do you retain good and suitable employees?

The majority of our employees have been part of the Agranela team for many years, some from the very beginning. We have clear employer expectations, company stability, open communication at all levels, and, of course, competitive salaries.

How do you achieve the productivity necessary for success?

By expanding capacity with new, modern production lines. The introduction of new technologies requires continuous training and development of employees, which, in turn, results in higher productivity.

Has the government taken any actions that have impacted your business in the last 12 months?



Radmila Mladenović, Procurement and Sales Manager


Phone number:

+381 64 863 57 47