CEVES is an independent research and development organization dedicated to sustainable socio-economic development in Serbia and the Western Balkans, based on entrepreneurship, solidarity, and civic initiative. The energy of CEVES is focused on recognizing and researching the key determinants of sustainable socio-economic development in Serbia and the region, and providing innovative, responsible, and evidence-based solutions and policies to not only the state but also to the wider society. Its primary audience includes entrepreneurs, employees/unemployed individuals, scientific institutions, and civil society, who are directly affected by these issues. CEVES advocates for the nationalization and achievement of sustainable development goals in Serbia, as a particularly favorable framework for directing societal development, as well as for the promotion and embodiment of European values.

Naučno-tehnološki park, Niš

The Science and Technology Park Niš is an organization that works closely with the University of Niš and the academic community to provide infrastructure and expert support to innovative companies in achieving business success in the market, particularly in the field of high technology. As a regional center for accelerated development of innovative scientific and technological entrepreneurship, international project and company promotion, STP Niš provides the foundation for the reengineering of the regional economy and the enhancement of its global competitiveness.

Inspired by technological tradition, the Science and Technology Park, in synergy with domestic and international stakeholders, creates a dynamic and innovative startup ecosystem that is based on a knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy, positioning Niš and the region as a global source of advanced technologies.

The Big Small Businesses Project financed by USAID and implemented by ACDI/VOCA

The five-year project “Velika mala privreda” (Big Small Businesses) works on empowering market participants in Serbia to launch local initiatives that will enhance the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The project focuses on improving the connection between SMEs and business service providers to enhance productivity and profitability of SMEs, expanding the export of SMEs to regional, European, and other markets, as well as improving access to financial instruments for SMEs. By accelerating economic development and promoting equal progress, this project contributes to the overall goal of USAID for a more prosperous and democratic Serbia committed to European integration and self-reliance on its own strengths and resources.

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