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Competitiveness on the international stage, access to global markets, innovation, sustainability and green transition, high growth performance, and productivity are the characteristics of modern economies. The New Serbian Economy is based on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that have already met these criteria.
SMEs strongly contribute to the development of the economy throughout Serbia and provide valuable contributions to increased employment with decent working conditions, poverty and inequality reduction, as well as circular economy, green transformation, and energy efficiency. They are the main drivers of the domestic economy, creating 60% of added value, 66% of employment, and accounting for 45% of total exports. SMEs have tremendous potential to contribute to the sustainable development of Serbia in the next decade and achieve all the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Serbia.

How can SMEs and society work for each other? What can the economy do if it joins forces, takes advantage of opportunities from foreign and domestic funds, and follows global economic trends? What can we learn from international examples? How can SMEs contribute to the development of science and the country’s capacity for innovation, achieving green transition and export growth? We seek answers to these questions from the most relevant interlocutors, competent institutions, business associations, the international community, academic institutions, and the professional public. Through networking, exchange of experiences, addressing challenges, and initiating initiatives that will support the development of SMEs and direct their strength towards achieving goals for the entire society, we want to contribute to the new SME strategy and enable SME100 by 2030.

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