The first gathering of Serbia’s SMEs 2030, the SME100 Expo, took place in June 2022 in Kragujevac and brought together 100 leading domestic companies carefully selected based on clearly defined criteria of success, along with over 300 conference and exhibition participants. The event’s goal was to highlight the developmental potential of the domestic economy and support the development of the SME sector towards achieving sustainable development goals for the entire society. The event was organized by CEVES in collaboration with MIND Park, within the framework of the “Sustainable Development for All” platform, implemented by GIZ with the support of the Swiss and German governments.

The second annual “SME100 Expo 2023: People  – the key to success” was held at the Science and Technology Park in Niš on November 9, 2023. The event gathered over 100 leading domestic companies and more than 300 participants, including representatives from government institutions, business associations, the international community, large corporations, media, the banking sector, international media, the NGO sector, experts, and the local community. The conference supported the development and collaboration of the SME100, leading domestic SMEs selected according to clearly defined criteria of excellence, through the exchange of useful experiences and best practices. It also highlighted the potential of these companies to contribute to the sustainable development of Serbia.

More information on SME100 Expo 2024: New Growth Agenda for SMEs will be published soon.