Novi Sad

Founder and owner:
Stojan Tadić, Zoran Tadić

Business data

2022 2019 2016 2011
Full time employees 24 20 12 8
Turnover (EUR) 4,2 mil 2,3 mil 1,4 mil 693 hilj
Export (EUR) 2,4 mil 1,1 mil 674 hilj /

Plastic injection molding machines and related equipment for the plastics industry


Automotive industry, Packaging, Technical plastics, Electronics, Medical industry

ECOSYSTEM OF SUCCESS (key partners contributing to company success):

Engel, Wintec, PIovan, Eurochiller, MB Conveyors, Tria, IFW, Sipa

Do you have trouble finding adequate employees?

Yes, especially for service positions where we require personnel with specific technical knowledge who are willing to work in the field.

How do you find good and suitable employees?

We continuously develop our employer branding strategy. Recruitment through platforms like Infostud and LinkedIn, collaboration with universities and the Secondary Electrotechnical School. Presence at job fairs and employee referrals. We offer good working conditions, competitive salaries, and a wide range of benefits.

How do you retain good and suitable employees?

We have implemented an Employee Experience model, a clear strategy for supporting employee career development. Intersectoral cooperation, the development of a healthy organizational culture, open communication, constant information exchange, and agility. Quantitative and qualitative analysis to monitor employee satisfaction. Reward system.

How do you achieve the productivity necessary for success?

Through investment in digitalization and automation, optimization of work processes, continuous training and development of employees, peer exchange of knowledge and experience, highlighting best practices, analysis of significant projects, mentoring, ongoing feedback, and continuous improvement of the employee reward system.

Has the government taken any actions that have impacted your business in the last 12 months?

YES, there has been evident progress in digitalization, with improvements to the CROSO portal and the development of a document exchange and archiving system. At the beginning of the year, the government introduced significant tax incentives on salaries. There’s also greater access to various grant programs.


Danijela Vlaški, Marketing director


Phone number:

+381 64 61 69 408