Founder and owner:
Vuk Popović

Business date

2022 2019 2016 2011
Full time employees 400 / / /
Turnover (EUR) / / / /
Export (EUR) / / / /

Digital Production, Cloud and Infrastructure, Managed IT Services, Data & AI, Salesforce


Global brands and companies from more than 20 countries worldwide.

ECOSYSTEM OF SUCCESS (key partners contributing to company success):

Strategic partner Samuel Technologies.

Do you have trouble finding adequate employees?


How do you find good and suitable employees?

Due to the challenging market, Quantox is engaged on multiple fronts to find new employees. In addition to the conventional recruitment system, we have discovered significant potential through collaboration with universities. Improving the skills of existing team members is another way to meet the needs of the required positions.

How do you retain good and suitable employees?

We are committed to team development by providing attention, reward systems for achieved results, and bonuses. We have a personalized benefits system and have developed a skills matrix that supports personalized employee development and advancement. We also offer flexibility in the way people work, specifically a hybrid model that is currently popular and highly appreciated by our employees.

How do you achieve the productivity necessary for success?

We have invested a lot of time and effort in automating and digitizing our business processes through the development of an internal platform that has contributed to the optimal operation of all company sectors. It has enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of daily tasks. In addition, we focus on additional employee training through specialized courses in various IT fields.

Has the government taken any actions that have impacted your business in the last 12 months?

YES, ITEX Global 2023 – an organized group visit to this international conference and presence at the National Stand of Serbia.


Nađa Vukićević, Marketing director


Phone number:

+381 62 66 75 33