Novi Sad

Founder and owner:
Miloš Kovačević

Business data

2022 2019 2016 2011
Full time employees 37 40 36 28
Turnover (EUR) 2,7 mil 6,1 mil 2,3 mil 3,3 mil
Export (EUR) 154 hilj 38,9 hilj 44 hilj 9,8 hilj

Laser systems for measuring vehicle speed, Machine processing, Aluminum profiles, Anodizing


North Macedonian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Lear Corporation

ECOSYSTEM OF SUCCESS (key partners contributing to company success):

Kustom Signals, MTC Metals Trading, Mihajlović Soft

Do you have trouble finding adequate employees?


How do you find good and suitable employees?

Through job advertisements.

How do you retain good and suitable employees?

With opportunities for continuous advancement, a quality working environment, and ongoing communication with employees about their needs and expectations.

How do you achieve the productivity necessary for success?

Through the optimization of work processes, continuous training, and employee development.

Has the government taken any actions that have impacted your business in the last 12 months?

YES, sef.


Jovana Kovačević, CFO


Phone number: