Founder and owner:
Saša Vidojević

Business data

2022 2019 2016 2011
Full time employees 51 19 15 /
Turnover (EUR) 6,2 mil 2,7 mil 878 hilj /
Export (EUR) 4,4 mil 807 hilj 722 hilj /

Aluminum windows and doors, Glass facades, Facade systems, Fences, Roller shutters


Clients from Serbia and abroad with whom Tester-al DOO has a long and successful partnership.

ECOSYSTEM OF SUCCESS (key partners contributing to company success):

Long-term collaboration with suppliers from the country and abroad.

Do you have trouble finding adequate employees?


How do you find good and suitable employees?

1. Developing employees through internal mentorship to improve existing performance, 2. Tester-al is an accredited company for the dual education system., 3. Programs for professional internships and training for unemployed individuals through the National Employment Service.

How do you retain good and suitable employees?

Stability and regular payment of personal income. Working conditions and work environment. Rewards and bonuses. Opportunity for advancement within the company. Family values, organizing a Family Day for the families of employees, rewarding the most talented children.

How do you achieve the productivity necessary for success?

We are in the process of digitalization with new automated machinery, a new production hall, an ERP system, and complete digitalization of business process tracking. Employees have access to continuous training and professional development in all sectors. We engage external experts for education and business process optimization and implement ISO standards.

Has the government taken any actions that have impacted your business in the last 12 months?

YES. Beneficiaries of state subsidies through the Development Fund and RAS programs. State support is also visible in employment programs in collaboration with the National Employment Service.


Slobodan Nedeljković, CEO


Phone number:

+381 69 85 095 05